What We Do

Animals’ Voice educates the public and keeps them informed of what is happening to wildlife in the UK and overseas.

The Trust also takes in and cares for injured wild animals and birds. These come from members of the public and local veterinary practices and remain in our care until well enough to be released back into the wild where they belong. If, for any reason, this is not possible we will continue to care for them throughout their lifetime.

We receive a variety of animals and birds, including rabbits, hares, hedgehogs, ducks, swans, owls, even unusual ones such as great crested grebes! However, our aim is that all animals and birds are returned to the wild.

Our work encourages the care and protection of all wild animals and birds, insects, fauna, and flora. We recognise that our youth of today are our future custodians of wildlife: therefore education is so important. In the UK we are losing species at an alarming rate. Numbers of UK hedgehogs and dormice plus their habitats are in decline and there is a real risk that in the future they will become extinct.

Education is key! We all need to learn and do everything we possibly can to protect wildlife and their habitats if we are to continue to have and enjoy native species of mammals, birds, insects, and amphibians in years to come.

Educational Work

At our offices and headquarters, staff provide information to the public on all aspects providing of animal welfare: addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, etc.

Diagram of a ladybird
Diagram of a ladybird
Diagram of a bumblebee
Diagram of a bumblebee


Through our magazine “United Against Cruelty to Animals” (UACTA), we lend our organisations support whose to aims other are dedicated to caring for all wildlife and domestic animals and birds.

The UACTA magazine is sent to members, schools, organisations etc., keeping them informed of our activities and the progress we are making.