Our New President: Harry Redknapp

We are delight to share with members the amazing news that our organisation is extremely honoured to have football manager Harry Redknapp accept our invitation to become our President!

The story begins when one of our Trustees Mrs Pat Earth saw Mr Redknapp on BBC TV giving an interview about his football work and the various teams he has managed over the years.  The interview later revealed other interesting facts including he had a keen interest in wildlife and that one day when time allowed he would like to run a wildlife sanctuary!

Mrs Earth thought this a great opportunity to contact the Queens Park Ranger manager inviting him to become our President.  However she was not even sure her letter would reach Harry Redknapp.  Imagin her delight when she received a reply from his secretary inform her that her letter had been received and that it had been forward on to Harry.  He then replied to his secretary asking her to contact us and let us know he would be delighted to come on board and join our organisation!

Mrs Earth immediately informed the Chairman, Trustees and staff of the wonderful news and as you can imagine we are thrilled to add his name to our work.   We hope that in the future his connection will encourage others to support our important educational and wildlife rescue work!

Below is Harry Redknapp’s acceptance:

To the Trustees and all supporters of Animals’ Voice

It gives me great pleasure to accept the invitation from Animals’ Voice to become their new President.

Having a keen interest in animals myself, I want to offer my support and help raise awareness for all the good work that this educational trust and wildlife rescue organisation carry out throught the year.

I look forward to doing my bit to help as and when I can in the future.

All the best.

Harry Redknapp