Obituary: Dinah Sheridan

17 September 1920 – 25 November 2012

photoDinah Sheridan, whose acting career began in the 1930’s and continued until the late 1990’s, was best known for her appearances in television comedies and films.

Married four times, Dinah had two children with her first husband Jimmy Hanley, Jeremy and Jenny, the latter of which presented the hugely popular children’s television series Magpie in the 1970’s.

Though famous for her many film roles Dinah will be most fondly remembered for her films Genevieve and The Railway Children.

Dinah was first introduced to our work in July 1982 when we were then known as Animals’ Vigilantes. She became a Life Member in November 1982 and in November 1988 was invited to become a Patron of our work. In October 1989 Dinah found time in her very busy work schedule to give the address at our annual Animal Blessing and Service for animals as our Guest Speaker at Hinton Martel Church.

Over the years Dinah regularly corresponded with our organisation with hand written letters. She divided her time between homes in England and California whephotore she spent six months at each address. She would often write about her love of animals and birds and as well as describing the more exotic looking birds that visited her garden in California she would take photographs to send to us.

Second from right in photograph Dinah with her dog and husband John Merivale front, when he accompanied Dinah at our Animal Blessing and Service at Hinton Martel.

Animals’ Voice is privileged to have had Dinah as a Patron and supporter of our work for many years and our thoughts are with her family.