In Memory of Mrs Diane Pike


9 March 1925 – 31 December 2014

It is with sadness we inform members of the passing of Mrs Diane Pike (Retired), Trustee of Animals’ Voice who sadly departed this world on the 31st December 2014.

Mrs Pike became a Trustee of our organisation then know as Animals’ Vigilantes in the early 70’s dedicating her life to helping animals.  Looking back over correspondence we found a letter from Diane which read that she had been encouraged by Lady Dowding who founded BWC to join the Board of Trustees of Animals’ Vigilantes.  Lady Dowding hoped that the two organisations might work together and encourage all ages to campaign against vivisection and to use Beauty Without Cruelty Cosmetics which had not been tested on animals and produced using only natural products.  Mrs Price remembers when Mrs Pike and herself would often attend charity functions demonstrating the Beauty Without Cruelty cosmetic range and giving out information about Animals’ Vigilantes work (back then our work focused more on abolishing vivisection in schools and colleges). Between them they spent many hours travelling the country giving talks and demonstrations using the Beauty Without Cruelty cosmetic range.

Over the years Mrs Pike supported our work attending many functions and events—one being the opening of James Mason House in November 1976.   Meeting our joint Presidents James Mason and his wife Clarissa who kindly opened the building along with various other Patrons, the late Harry Corbett (with sooty and sweep).  Another such occasion was our 25th Anniversary held at the Ashburn Hotel also attend by many of our Patrons such as Jill Gomez, the late Leslie Crowther to name but a few!

Diane, front seated, at the opening of James Mason House with the late Ted Cox, James and Clarissa Mason, Animals’ Vigilantes staff.

It was in 1978 the organisation started a petition campaigning against the culling of seals for furs.  Mrs Pike was very much involved in this campaign helping to raise awareness of the barbaric slaughter of innocent seals and helped to raise thousands of signatures which was later presented to Canada House by the late Spike Milligan and Ted Cox Chairman.

Everyone that knew Mrs Pike will know her first love was her beloved cats and working along side the Cats Protection Society. We understand that with a group of like minded ladies they set up the charity called PAWS which later expanded and became the Cat Protection Society. Her fund raising for the organisation was incredible over the years but she also loved and cared for many cats during her life time.

img-057-061eThis lady is a great loss to the world of animals and to ourselves she was a true inspiration over the years and we can imagine she has already set about caring for our heavenly creatures.  Her love for all animals was incredible and like us all she campaigned for the day that all animals would be treated fairly, to be loved and cared by us all.

We could not have wished for a more dedicated person and we are so glad she was part of our team for so many years.

She may have retired from Animals’ Voice in June 2009 but she never stopped caring!

A truly marvellous and wonderful lady—who will be deeply missed by so many. God Bless!