Fordingbridge Beavers

An evening talk to Fordingbridge Beavers on the 15 October was a particularly wet night!  At 6.00 pm Betty and staff transferred animals and equipment from the car park into the hall and although we were all extremely wet from the relentless rain we were greeted by cheery smiles from Beaver staff.

Whilst setting up our equipment we also fussed over Princess the canary indignant due to never having experienced being splashed by rain before!  Then one by one the Beavers arrived with their parents and quickly they settled down ready to watch a slide show specifically aimed at educating younger audiences!

img-526-531eChairman Betty Price narrated throughout informing the children gathered around about the animals they were watching, their diets and how we care for them.  Betty then proceeded to introduce each of the animals and birds we had taken along to the Beavers allowing them to stroke or hold them whilst Betty and staff answered  further questions about our work.

Before leaving the children presented us with packets of cat and dog biscuits plus tinned cat and dog food for the animals which was very much appreciated.  At 7.30 pm the animals and birds were back in their carriers and ready for their beds!  Once again Betty and staff transported them and our equipment back to our car whilst at the same time trying to avoid the continuous down pour of rain!