A Very Special Lamb

Regular readers may remember the story of ‘Bam Bam’ in the Sept/Oct 2006 editon of Animals’ Voice. The lamb, now a very big boy was born during a cold frosty morning early April 2006. Dying from cold and being sized up by a buzzard as a tasty meal while his mother was giving birth to his two sisters a few yards away was rescued by Patricia who was out with the farm dogs lookng for newly born lambs. With the aid of the kitchen Rayburn and lots of TLC by owners Alan and Patricia of Lower Dimson Farm, Gunnislake, Cornwall and the young children attending their on site ‘Children’s Centre’, ‘Bam Bam’ as the children named him grew into a much loved healthy lamb.

Now over seven years later ‘Bam Bam’ has grown into a large Ram and although is only one animal amongst many is still very much a favourite amongst the young children. Although he no longer shares the dogs sleeping accommodation in an outbuilding as he did for a year or so when young hew now staying with his lady friends in the field. However he will quickly join the staff and children when they go for walks across the fields with the dogs.

‘Bam Bam’ has no objections to young children sitting on his back which is a great thrill for these chidlren; photographs frequently being taken. We like to believe he actually enjoys these occasions!

‘Bam Bam’ has become quite a celebrity his name having spread far and wide with his photographs appearing in many local newspapers. Parents bringing their children to the children’s nursery at Lower Dimson Farm for the first time are quick to ask can we see him. Are the other animals on the farm jealous of his celebrity status? Probably that is something we will never know!

Hopefully in a few years time another update will appear in the Animals’ Voice regarding this very special much loved animal.