Animals' Voice set to hold annual animal service

15 September 2023

Animals' Voice holds its annual animal service and welcomes the community to join with their pets on Sunday 8 th October.

Animals' Voice is set to have a friendly service welcoming everyone and their pets. The service will occur at St John the Evangelist, Hinton Martell, BH21 7HR, on Sunday 8th October at 3 pm.

Come and join us in celebrating animals and wildlife with or without your animals. The service lasts around forty-five minutes and includes a talk from a local charity, Cats Protection Group. The talk will be from Nikki Salmond, who helps run the local Fordingbridge and Salisbury branch.

The vicar then welcomes attendees up to have their animals blessed. Animals' Voice has held this annual event each year on the second Sunday in October, with various animals attending the church service, including dogs, cats, hamsters, sheep and horses.

The service allows all animal lovers to celebrate their pets and share an appreciation for nature. The aim is to highlight the importance of looking after and caring for wildlife, preserving nature for current and future generations.

After the event, Animals' Voice will host a gathering at the next-door village hall, offering refreshments. Everyone who attends the service is welcome to bring their pets into the village hall.